18th May 2020
Posted in Brands by Tom Bradshaw

Ladies Yokono Sandals - Our Favourites For 2020!

People often ask us what is our favourite ladies sandal brand to buy for Summer, and without doubt for ladies it has to be Yokono. From the reps that sell it to us (fun fact - @thefashionablepan on instagram was our first rep, and we still love her now as much as the first day we met her!) right the way through to receiving the deliveries, it’s always a joy. Every year we look forward to picking the range.

So who are Yokono?

They are a Spanish brand we first bought 6 years ago, with bright coloured designs made from beautiful soft Spanish leathers, and we truly believe there really is something to appeal to all.

They will definitely brighten up anyone’s day, and this year we’ve got a complete new collection, so check out some of our favourites below:

Genova Weave Sandals

We know we probably can’t head over to a foreign land for a holiday this year, but we are still dreaming of a cold glass of bubbles by a poolside or beach in these! We are in love with the weaved pattern on the front of them, and whilst the weather during lockdown is being very kind to us, why not make the most of them in your garden (with the bubbles of course!) planning that return to the beach?

071 Capri:

A new take on one of our ever popular styles, this classic sandal will literally go with any outfit. So good, we bought it in 6 colours!

196 cadiz

Definitely something different, a blackened wedge sole unit on a metallic silver and green upper, these look absolutely amazing on, and we couldn’t not buy them! They are super comfy (well Jayne the buyer thinks they are!)

So there you are, a few of our favourites. And you can check out the full range here. Don’t forget there’s also free delivery during lockdown on full priced Yokono sandals, and you can even try before you buy, thanks to our partnership with Klarna!